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Expansion Joint & Seal Replacement

CIPEC expansion joints are designed to enable continuous traffic between two structures, accommodating structural movements due to creep, shrinkage effects, temperature variations and deformations under live load. They are suitable for all reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, composite and steel structures, and particularly for bridge decks. CIPEC expansion joints are also designed to allow sufficient vertical movement so that bearings can be replaced without needing to disassemble the expansion joint. They enable drainage of runoff water and they are designed to minimize traffic noise.

Freyssinet, Inc. offers an extensive range of small and large-movement for road and railway structures:

  • Viajoint Bituminous Expansion Joint
  • CIPEC Metal Expansion Joint
  • Elastomeric Expansion Joint
  • Modular Expansion Joint
  • TRANSPEC 4-18 Joint for Rail-Based Crash Barriers
  • Railway Expansion Joint
WD Joint

Areas of Application: