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Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Freyssinet, Inc. has a significant experience in NDT and grout remediation techniques applied to PT structures. However, Freyssinet, Inc. is not limited to this kind of inspection and repair, but can handle a much broader scope of services when it comes to inspection, evaluation and repair of any kind of structures.

Freyssinet, Inc. has probably the most experienced and qualified team of specialists when it comes to NDT and grout remediation of PT tendons.The following are some of the services available:

  • Location of internal tendons using Ground Penetration Radar techniques.
  • Void detection in tendons using Impact Echo, if it becomes necessary.
  • Inspection of external tendons including visual inspection via windows or using tendon vibration techniques.
  • Non-destructive detection of wire breaks in tendons using electro-magnetic techniques like Tensiomag.
  • Non-destructive detection of tension loss in bars or bolts using the UPUS method.
  • Limited invasive inspection of internal or external tendons via special drilling and videoscope.
  • Volume of voids measurement using equipment able to compensate for leaks in the voids.
  • Vacuum Grouting and/or Vacuum Assisted grouting capabilities.
  • Encapsulation of external tendons using heat shrink wrap, special wraps or split duct.
  • Direct on-site measurement of concrete stresses along two points in a concrete section to reproduce the existing section stress profile, using the SlotStress technique.

Areas of Application:
New Structures