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Shotcrete Dry and Wet Method

Shotcrete application consists of spraying wet or dry mix materials through a hose using compressed air at a high velocity.

Our specialized personnel and certified nozzlemen (American Shotcrete Association), allow Freyssinet, Inc. to provide owners and engineers with a quality, fast and flexible operation to meet demanding schedules.

Concrete Structures that have had fires, explosions, deterioration or changes to their structural function are candidates for shotcrete application.


  • Bridge Columns and Pier Caps
  • Culvert Pie Lining
  • Dams
  • Building Beams and Columns
  • Tunnels
  • Foundations
  • Silos
  • Pools
Advantages of Shotcrete Application:  
  • Fast and Economical
  • Requires little or no formwork
  • Well suited for irregular shaped surfaces
  • Can be applied in tight or confined spaces

Shotcrete - VDOT 11 Bridges - Richmond, VA

Areas of Application: