Stay Cables and Suspension Cables

Freyssinet, Inc. has developed a comprehensive range of technical solutions and services for all stages of the maintenance of cable-staying systems:

  • Inspection
  • Instrumentation
  • Specialist maintenance
  • Modernization
  • Replacement
  • Maintaining operation during work
Ravenel Bridge - Cooper River, Charleston, SC - USA

Prestressing Tendons

Freyssinet, Inc. has developed a comprehensive range of prestressing tendon inspection and maintenance solutions:  

  • Assessment of the integrity of the structure and tendons
  • Monitoring of tendon aging
  • Compliance work
  • Strengthening and replacement work
    Exploratory NDT/GPR at US-131 over Muskegon River, MI - USA

Expansion Joints

Freyssinet, Inc.'s expansion joints are designed to allow for continuous traffic between two structures by accommodating any movements in the structures caused by creep, shrinkage, temperature variations and deformation during service. Freyssinet, Inc. offers an extensive range of small and large-movement, bituminous, metal, elastomeric and modular expansion joints for road and railway structures.

Modular joint


Freyssinet, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of bearings designed to meet the working constraints of each structure.

Bearings beneath a metal deck

Earthquake Protection Devices

Dynamic protection devices are used to protect structures against earthquakes or vibrations caused by the wind, for example.

Banded Elastomeric Insulator during installation

Areas of application:

New Structures