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Structural Strengthening

Freyssinet, Inc. offers its clients a wide variety of strengthening techniques that have the potential to prolong the use of existing structures or to facilitate changes of use. Applications include bridge deck strengthening, column strengthening, raising allowable floor slab loads, and strengthening around new openings.

 External Post-Tensioning

Particularly appropriate for bridge decks, Freyssinet, Inc. is able to design and install additional post-tensioning to existing structures. In the case of large span box girder structures additional tendons can be fitted within the structure itself. For smaller span structures, tendons fitted to the outside are a possibility. Circular storage tanks can also be upgraded or made watertight using external post-tensioning.

High Strength Bars (Freyssibar)

High strength bars (Freyssibars) are often used to introduce pre-stress into existing areas with high stress concentrations or subject to bursting forces. This could include column heads, bridge deck diaphragms, and anchorage regions. High strength bars can provide a useful increase in load carrying capacity or act as a remedial solution for existing over-stressed sections. High strength bars may also be used as an alternative to plate bonding. Plate bonding Suitable for under-strength beams and floor slabs. Steel plates of calculated length and cross section are bolted and / or glued using epoxy adhesive to the tension zone of the structural element. The increased depth composite section enhances load carrying capacity.

Carbon Fiber Composites (CFRP)

Freyssinet, Inc. offers a carbon fiber product, ICC Certified (ESR-3028) Foreva® TFC BD and Foreva® TFC UD, manufactured in-house. Repair and strengthening applications include column wrapping, beam strengthening, floor slab strengthening, and reinforcement around new openings.

 Design Services

All these strengthening techniques require careful consideration of the existing and desired loading regimes to establish what strengthening methods are feasible and to determine an economic and technically appropriate design. Freyssinet, Inc. has this capability in-house and is therefore in a position to offer clients a full "design and build" strengthening service.


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