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Virginia Commonwealth University - Parking Deck D Restoration

Freyssinet, Inc. was awarded the VCU Parking Deck D Restoration Project in Richmond, VA.

Work consists of concrete repairs to the existing concrete structure; treatment of top surfaces of the elevated deck levels with a migrating corrosion inhibitor; vehicular traffic bearing membrane on all the tops of all elevated deck levels; replacement of expansion joints; replacement of existing precast pedestrian guardrails with a steel tube rail, repairs to pipe rails; elastomeric coating on precast concrete spandrel rails, stair and elevator exterior concrete wall; striping for new parking layout; rout and seal at cracks in existing concrete slab-on-grade; addition of new drains at ponding water and repairs to existing piping, coating  of exterior steel stair; removal and replacement of settled slab-on-grade; and possible post-tension cable repairs.: